Top tips to consider when selling your property

First impressions count and we are thrilled to introduce our resident adviser Katherina Saunders from the Independent Eye. Katherina’s motto is ‘Use what you have and enhance it’. Her advice on decluttering and preparing your home for both photographs and prospective buyers will surprise you.

When you have lived in a home for many years, it may need a fresh pair of eyes to see the house and make the simple changes that will showcase it in the best possible light, leading to a successful sale. Watch Katherina’s video for a few simple tips to get you started.

  • Build buyer confidence by creating positive first impressions
  • De-clutter and de-personalise before photographs are taken
  • Clearly defined rooms Ensure each room looks like it has a purpose
  • Plenty of space: Try not to overcrowd the rooms with big and bulky furniture, this will make them look smaller.
  • Enough storage: Utilise all cupboards and shelves neatly – overflowing coffee tables and kitchen counters covered in items will give an impression of limited storage.
  • Ensure the property smells fresh and clean

Create positive first impressions

A freshly painted front door is the logical place to start which creates a great first impression and simply cleaning up the front entrance from flyers and post can go a long way.

Place plants or flowers throughout your house this will help make your home look inviting and fresh.

De-clutter and de-personalise

Clear away clutter and food (a bowl of fresh fruit is ok), and give the impression of a healthy, happy space. The same goes for the bathroom; tidy bottles and creams and display some fresh, neatly folded towels, making sure the room looks & smells hygienic.

Place plants or flowers throughout your house this will help make your home look inviting and fresh.

Clean and Fresh

Well-placed lighting gives a feeling of freshness and cleanliness. In winter months, keep lights on for viewings – especially in rooms that don’t have an abundance of natural light.

If you have a garden or terrace, check that the outside of the house is as neat and tidy as the inside; trim the lawn, pick up the leaves and trim back plants.

If you feel you would like more help Katherina can be contacted through Bengough property or directly at