Thoughts for April

I nervously looked back on what I had written earlier this year, to see if what I had written was right!  

Yes we will have to get used to higher interest rates like it or not, but until inflation eases and old Vladimir calms down we sure remain in uncertain times. We are creatures that like certainty now and tomorrow not in months to come, so given core inflation is probably still on the up in many countries and that excludes energy costs, we may reluctantly have to look at longer term trends to see the way ahead.

Those far better qualified than me report more subdued times with high interest rates and high inflation with us for some time. Others anticipate these to come back from those highs in the next 12 months.

I think the property market generally will remain sensible and realistic, things that actually make for calmer waters and where patience is something that we might have to get used to once more.