I think we are all reminded repeatedly that whenever we think things are settled something always pops up to alter the outlook.

Whatever one is involved in that is always the case and property is no exception. Who would have thought that silicon chip banks would be at risk and that UBS would take over Credit Suisse.  For you and me that has little effect on our daily lives but is indicative of the difficulties of balancing lower interest rates and lending.

The ingredients of wholesale gas prices which have halved in the last six months with an expectation that the base rate will peak at 4.25% rather than anything higher and then add a pinch of inflation which seemingly is on its way down and you arrive at a far more tasty outlook than many of us imagined six to eight months ago

Higher interest rates will be the norm for the time being so we had better get used to it. The forecasted low volume of property coming to the market will make it challenging for buyers and not such bad news for sellers.

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