It’s May and Fiona joins our team

“May, more than any other month of the year, wants us to feel most alive.” –  Fennel Hudson

When Jonathan invited me to introduce myself in our May blog it brought me up with a start. May? Really?  Yes, amazingly here we are already this far into the year after such a miserable wet spring. Here’s to better weather for us all – and especially the farmers from here on in…  

It caused me to think of the spring we had three years ago at the start of the lockdown when, for those of us lucky enough to have outside space, we enjoyed uninterrupted sunshine week after week – how different things are now!  And that, of course, doesn’t just apply to the weather but also to the economy as well as the property market.

One of the unforeseen impacts of the Covid Pandemic was an overwhelming desire for city dwellers to escape and relocate resulting in a very buoyant market for those wishing to sell at the time. There were stories of houses being bought unseen in a desperate attempt to secure a place in the country ahead of the competition. Since then although the prime country house market has remained strong – as it will inevitably as there is only ever a finite supply – we are undoubtedly going through a period of adjustment and it pays to be pragmatic when assessing the value of one’s own home. A sensibly priced property will attract the right attention and it only takes two interested parties to achieve a more than satisfactory sale.

So, my May thoughts for those thinking of selling is to prepare to sell now with a cracking set of photographs as the trees finally unfurl and we have the glorious fresh green of late spring in the gardens and landscape beyond. You can then go to the market whenever it suits you because a house will always present better against this backdrop rather than one with bare trees and a wintery chilly look.

And for those that are looking to buy, don’t simply rely on the internet to see what is coming to the market.  There are plenty of people who prefer to sell privately and we have acted for and negotiated several private sales on behalf of clients this year alone, so do get in touch as we can give you a distinct advantage over those also looking. 

I look forward to hearing from you and offering my help.