Democracy.  How to catch the voter’s eye and of course the property market.

Well, it’s not now that the eye needs to be caught!  The news isn’t great to be honest. But here’s the thing.  What would you do if you were the PM?   I was always led to believe that it was good practise to deliver all the bad news, higher taxes or whatever you needed to do, during the earlier part of your term in office. But here we are creeping ever closer to a general election so let’s resolve inflation (very important), ramp up interest rates, create some pain but then guess what?  Next year everything in the garden will look rosy again, we will lower interest rates, possibly throw away a few taxes and then announce a general election.

By the way if I were thinking of putting my house on the market I might prepare now and wait until the spring and catch that window of opportunity. Election or no election, the news will be brighter.